My reportout on ONC Interop Forum panel discussion

I wrote no article on the results of the INTERC Interop discussion blog. The discussion you wrote before the event was a good start. The team is exchanging, as expected, slightly and more heavily in:

Difficulty in introducing privacy controls with a large number of these complex privacy policies is very difficult in extreme situations: the transfer through state-freed lines of the palace, this light transition, access to older people, etc. Team members have at least the right to privacy, but more obvious rights are sought.
The passing of the Union level has some benefits, as we see today in the European GDP
The data source provided by the patient. Where did the patient take the data from? How do we know that the patient has not changed the data? Most patients are good, but some are common, eg drug behavior. Clear rules are required for little source information.
The four forms of communication are more pronounced and develop a model to discuss the relationships with patients.
Ask through the panel “Please help do the right thing, the simplest thing you can do.” ONC’s Sean Simplify the complexity of data protection without deleting the privacy rights.
The number of patients is irregular. There are patients who want to participate effectively with the flow of data. There are many other patients who want their data to be available for treatment without having to attend.

My first day of luck and now there are 3 YouTube reports published by ONC. There are two long shots. Every minute is useful to listen.

Watch my video on the third day two hours before the 6-hour registration. The following video should start at the beginning of this report (2:16:00). More work for ONC from my plate at 2:36:15. In response to Adrian Gruber’s question at 2:43:29 in the patient’s activity.


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