IHE Document Sharing (XDS) Metadata management Handbook

The Technical Infrastructure Technical Committee of the IHE published a new brochure on August 20, 2018 metadata for document sharing

The previous document is available for download at https://www.ihe.net/Technical_Frameworks/ or user guides.

The full official statement from IHE.

Documents IHE document exchange, including XDS and XCA, allow a community to share patient medical documents. It is described in the open application form of IHE profiles (HIE using IHE). Each shared document is described by the metadata. Community Starts HIE in this way should identify the metadata, so that documents can be found if certain restrictions and practices are required. This booklet helps the community to achieve appropriate restrictions.

The metadata directory is used to share documents.
In this brochure, readers should know how metadata used is applied and released and how metadata limitations of documents over time can be used. Using this booklet results in many documents and plans that we call “community metadata specifications.” Well-managed community metadata metadata is an important element of an effective and coordinated document exchange system. It becomes even more important if more participants, patient counts, document types, and shared documents are used.

This booklet uses the term “community” as defined in the document of the IHE exchange document. This definition includes XDS affinity, the XCA community, or a group of XCA communities. This definition also includes the use of MHD (XDS-on-Fhir), although additional MHD discussions are not explicitly included in this brochure.

This booklet limits initial data to the document to optimize the recognition of shared documents in your community. There are other responsibilities for community management: the identification and patient management, recognition and accreditation of organizations, privacy policies, security policies, members of accreditation procedures, etc. IHE address the broader problems with other publications listed in Section 1.3, including the design workheet template for the XDS pairing domain.

Continuous discussion and participation.
These and other examples can be found at https://wiki.ihe.net/index.php/Metadata_Handbook. The discussion forum is also set up at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/ihe-metadata

August 24, 2018 – added
For fun, I created the brochure on GITHUB in Markdown format. Comments (questions) are welcome.

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