Healthcare use of Blockchain on FHIR

I went to the INTERC Interop Forum in the capital. Set the security track every morning on the block chain. It’s mentioned nothing new. This does not mean that audiences got nothing, just because I did not hear anything new. The lack of a new vision is an important point in itself. He points out that a great interest in Block Chain is a very good niche and that no effort has been made to find a “killer application”. It also has no indication that any killer application appears, but it has not been found.

committee members are surprised by this question. All experts are clear in the first few days. Keeping, but emotionally. Everyone is trying with courage, things. Everyone knows that there are lots of misleading information and noise. Anyone who identifies a block of chain, is taking a big risk. There is no mention of the forecast for the future. Everyone also realized that those who had won, were rewarded. Everyone is very focused and enthusiastic.

There are not many questions from the audience, so I asked

Considering the fact that the use of chain blocks is specific to the state of use, there have been cases where community chain blocks listed medical care to complete, which is characterized as weakly using the block chain .

Answer: Do not place data for health care on a chain of blocks, regardless of how you are protected (eg auditory effect, encryption and so on.). It’s better to place the indicators (on the Fhir server) in the chain. Very good indicator, hard data.

To confirm the correct use of the data is public. Therefore, there is a chain of blocks that is permitted to be confirmed, transferred or transferred.

He maintains distress, as it does not disturb others.

No wonder I also said:
What should be health care make a chain block?
This does not mean that there is no place for Block Chain and medical care. We just have to be careful about how we approach the problem. I have considered a number of chain of chain considerations for health care.

Do not place medical data on chain blocks.
I am more convinced that it is very bad to make health data in a chain of blocks. It seems to be a consensus that unites us. Therefore, there will be many Fhir servers storing their data (they may have come from other FHIRs, but why they should not be mentioned)? For a particular use of clusters, there may be a server or many. This means that it is quite possible that the set server block project Fhir server is a data center before it is made available through a chain block, or it may be a proxy that makes it seem as if there is only one. However, it may be better to assume that many Fhir servers. Try it in a first attempt, but it will remain wide open as an open hook.

Do not use Block Chain for direct treatment.
I am also convinced that the use of block chain in the event of a direct therapeutic application is a very bad idea. Treatment has many expectations. Data must be clearly marked by an alias that can not be used. Access to data should not be delayed (Hurry). There should be a clear type of data source (where data is collected, etc.). Treatment of cases requires registration of new events, observations and interactions. Every identified error should be corrected. There is also an emergency medical glass breakage. etc

Working in the treatment
There are some treatments such as things that have no expectations. A clinical study where it can be considered as an alias (strong identification). There are various treatment scenarios where you do not need real identity, eg. As a laboratory or a pharmacy. Some of the MRN already provided and therefore not much more than an alias form. A new feature I really like is the use of chain blocks to monitor the supply of drugs and drug components.


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