Open Call for IHE Work Item Proposals 2019

As co-chair of IHE ITI planning … I would like to draw attention to the possibility of finding a solution to the problem of interoperability of IHE and formulating it on the IHE profile. I started the planning cycle! Information Technology Infrastructure (ITI) and Patient Coordination Areas (PCC) are calling for proposals for job items for the 2018 release cycle. The call for proposals will end on September 21, 2018.

Further information can be found on the Wiki site of the IHE Call for Proposals.

Are you new to the international call of IHE for proposals?

For more information on submission and review of proposals, see the online tutorial.
Want to participate in a call for proposals?
Interested parties are invited to submit a summary template for the new metadata and / or the IHE White Paper to examine the progress of the new publication cycle.

Proposals must be submitted using the attached “Propose Short Profile” form. You must address the following:

What is the problem and what is the training situation? (Description of usage status)
What will the training items look like if they are a cure?
What specific criteria can be used to solve the problem if they are known?
If possible, specify some status indicators to solve the problem (for example, select Costs).
It is strongly recommended that the proposal contain a modified name if it is selected for development.
Submit your completed IHE application form to the appropriate email address before 23 September 2018 at 23:59 CET. Suggestions can also be found online at:

Ideas for ITI Domains: John Moehrke at:, ITI Planning President
Field PCC Suggestions: Emma Jones at:, PCC Planning Director
What will happen if my proposal is chosen?
The ITI Planning Committee will review ITI and PCC every summary proposal and prepare a “short list” of proposals for further consideration. Detailed profile proposals will be sent to the ITI or ICC IHE Technical Committee for review and sent to the Planning Committee for final approval. In the wiki you will find detailed information about the call for applications for IHE.

Questions or Comments? I want to be led, helped or encouraged.

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