Modes of patient centric communication

When it comes to sharing patient data, I would like to be included in the exchange for “mediation”, “direct exchange”, “controlled exchange” and the exchange of “negotiations”. I did not officially identify them, so here’s the official definition. Let me know if you know another way of communication.

Mediation Exchange: When a patient is an active part of the communication route. To upload data to your property, you use a personal device and an application, such as a personal device. For example, using a FHIR phone application to download the data and then upload it to some recipients.
Modified Changes: Here patients are actively requesting the flow of information at a specific destination. — as a patient with secure instant messaging or when the patient needs payment of data.
Controlled control: If the patient is not directly involved in communication, communication should be understood and possibly controlled. In this communication, for example the use of health exchanges between providers’ organizations
Repairs: The patient connects to two parts and allows the flow between these two parts. It can use HEART standards for delegation, access to collected data, and FHIR.
We arrived, I think we need more resources. None of them can solve all the needs. Everyone has a certain power.

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