I just ended a long week in Cologne at the HL7 working group meeting and FHIR Connectathon. My idea is to arrange a discussion on the use of FHIR in an organization that is compatible with BIP. To create the FHIR Connectathon route. This route is reliable that we can test different parts of the FHIR specification. At the end, we are talking about how different FHIR functions can be used in general to follow different DSGVO materials.

FHIR is a capable DSDPR
The Working Group of Security and Privacy (CBCC or CBCP) is a global working group, so we know GDP for many years. When concrete requirements arrive, we will increase that capacity. Therefore, FHIR has many capabilities to meet the needs of GDP. From a pure geek point of view, the gross domestic product is not usually unusual, it places only high value on privacy and security. Therefore, the gross domestic product is good for me as I dedicate 20 years of work to the development of HL7, IHE and DICOM.

More here later on this article

GDP is more than private
I have heard some people say that GDP is more than privacy and security. I think that these people are misleading about the actual definition of privacy. Privacy policies, commonly included in many standards and policies, including granting access, the right of correction, and the right to control the use of the data. People often believe that privacy is limited to limited access. Working groups of HL7, IHE and DICOM always use the broader meaning of data protection principles.

Even the right to a Gross Domestic Product of the EU (GDPR), the right to forget, is an extension of data protection principles to control individual and individual rights to correct misinformation.

Add focus: Gross domestic product grows significantly after “Privacy by Design” and requires “Privacy by Design”. I have a lot of privacy experience and I love it. In GE’s days, security and privacy policies became a backbone for all GE Healthcare products.

The GPERP is largely about privacy …

More than GDP than technology
This is a fundamental fact. GDP will lead to more work on developing policies, procedures, communications, etc. Many publications, consultants and lawyers can help. There are many publications that explain your gross domestic product. I do not try to explain the GDP. The law itself is not hard to read.

So I suppose the reader is familiar with GDP. If not, study a lot …

How does FHIR work?
This week we have agreed to write a technical report that explains this. It has ouline year

Introduction and Scope: It defines that we are only dealing with certain topics of FHIR
Assign GDPR to FHIR’s security or privacy list: This section contains brief instructions on how to use GDPR.
Identifying some of the known spaces – no matter, often pleasant operations
Conclusion – FHIR is enabled by DSPU
We are meeting the public who knows FHIR and GDPR and only need help to pin down the details. This document should contain between 8 and 10 pages.

The expectation is that the external community, once published, may seek clarification or concrete action. We can check the paper. We can make this more clear by voting as information. We can turn it into an implementation directory.

Which parts of FHIR are useful?
Do not follow me. Here are the skills we already have in FHIR details today:

Security, privacy and security.

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