Privacy is not dead, but does need reinforcement

The sky has sunk … the general feeling in the data protection community .. Companies are being taken abroad, your privacy … No privacy left … …

Data Protection Lawyer I. Sometimes I give the title “CyberPrivacy”, especially since I focus on the privacy of electronic information, not physical intimacy. I was angry about the lack of privacy. I have a more realistic view. From the perspective of experience. The viewpoint is based on the other

Occam Barbiermaschine – the simplest solution is the best.
Razor Hanlon – Never associated with malice that adequately explains stupidity.
Privacy is out of 5 things to do, and the reason they are not …
Anyone who works on the type of application will realize that all remaining items (delays) are leading. Priority is based solely on the importance of a pending public service issue. Most likely, priority will be given to things other than the needs of the majority. From the resulting list of priorities, the group focuses on the first five positions and sometimes the first summit.

This is especially true for “agile”, where focus is on the “minimum product that can be used” and the “uninterrupted delivery”. Agile is fast enough to capture the features in the hands of customers, but it is too slow to maintain the core product capabilities. Aspects such as performance, typical features, durability, security and privacy …
Effort is still needed through design
Intimacy through design is a wonderful way. I have been promoted in many ways. Intimacy through design is a process used when the system incorporates privacy in design. In this way reduce the total energy implemented. If you do this in this way, the general design has a privacy feature. However, it is imperative that a person decide to use privacy. This means that a person must decide that privacy action is appropriate.
However, despite the great privacy features, this is a great advantage
Another reason is that privacy does not fall into the top five priorities because it has two edges. This means that this can be a big advantage, but if something bad happens, it’s worse.

If you need to call the “privacy” of your product / service / program, it’s best to do a perfect job. Remember that privacy has some of the inevitable principles. Some of the principles are somewhat more difficult, such as approval and transparency. However, there are some risk-based privacy principles. Remove identity and security. This means that there is always a risk that data is not contradictory. It should contain as much as possible, but it has come to accidents. Most accidents are due to human error, but not just.
Facebook as a role model
The case of Facebook by Cambridge Analytica is a great model … Facebook has long been ignored privacy and has never been a commercial priority. In the marketplace, things are changing where privacy can reach top 5 priorities. I’m not sure. It is difficult to justify the risk of punishing the lack of privacy as a priority, a positive cash flow caused by some companies. Both are the same. At some level of smart management, but investors are stupid and focused solely on the actual value. Therefore, potential loss due to privacy problems is not possible for the image.

Many people expect Facebook, the more they hate. I always knew that everything was planned on Facebook in a year. For me, this event is not terrible. I was angry, yes.

Apple does not have no scars
Apple, where everyone wants to think of the perfect company, does not have scars in private life. It was easier for me to point out that he was disappointed because of the lack of identification of the identity of the “customary mechanism of privacy”. Big capacity, and I think too. As I mentioned earlier, some of these items are included in risk assessment where everyone can reduce the risk as much as possible.


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