FHIR really was positively different

I had a brief but successful partnership with a developer at HIMSS 2018. They are conducting a pilot at FHIR. The state of the art is the use of DoD systems using the FHIR server API and the VA Vista tool in the FHIR client. The goal is to show how VHA vendors can view DD data while replacing the mental experience familiar with them.

They found that adding the FHIR Server API before the DoD system was possible.

They found that the development of API API of FHIR behind the example of VHA Vista can be fully achieved. I spent more time to understand this because I was working for VHA for more than a year. What he has done is defending a new version of Vista. Note that each VHA site has its own Vista opportunity. Vista is an open source project. So it’s easy to keep a copy of Vista. Unlike in Vista, the FHIR client has implemented a service mode. Because Vista wants to access its database, it removes the request in this database and calls the appropriate FHIR API, which provides a response to the FHIR request in response to the database. I think he made some improvements, but you have an idea.

He was complete and worked very fast. A VHA user can contact this version of Vista as if it were the information on his Web site. The interaction, the user experience, is the same as where they are used.

Knowing that VHA switches to Cerner, and knowing that with Cerner with FHIR sand available … put your FHIR Vista client into contact with the Cerner Sandbox’s FHIR server. Just by configuring the security configuration code and this endpoint determines the status of Vista is working properly. This system is not designed for use on Cerner’s FHIR server. But … because FHIR talks about interoperability, simple and clearly defined, the system works only.

When I was shown part of the FHIR development team, I wanted to know how happy this experience was. He said he has years of experience with network standards, including HL7 v2, CDA and so on. I want to know that “FHIR is really different”.

I have no idea what will happen to this pilot. It is not part of the Faro VHA project. Nor is it part of FHIR’s work on MyHealthVet (the project is now assigned to her).

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