HIE future bright — FHIR API to Document Sharing

I think the useful value that HIE can add is an API based on FHIR. It applies to the HIE system, regional exchange (XCA), EHR providers, national exchange and direct HISP. This is something I hope to be the most prominent future of WISHIN, this is a brilliant conference.

At the HIE level:

First, I focus on applications that can be obtained and read data available on HIE.
Later, there will be an opportunity to publish new content.
First of all, I focus on items on the size of the document,
Change to more element levels later.
You can switch to publish documents before you reach the item level.
For some of these applications is the most reliable and reliable. It is read and written at the organizational level.
The documents
Recently, much attention has been paid to part of the publication of the publication of documents. Great development in linking CDA content. This work was carried out mainly by a group of Patient Care Coordinator (PCC) employees of the IHE and HL7 StructuredDoc Working Group. Each of these groups works together. Try to keep the number of calls you have for your half week, week, week, week.

Therefore, today has a detailed description of what different types of documents look like. The C-CDA Implementation Guide is the basic meaning of this paper.

Why are the documents? Well, it means that I’ve discussed it, but the short answer is: Because we expect the report data to be outside a single organization, we need to load the data in a large part of the context of this data. Not only the source (of what, where, when, why), but also the kind of attention, the intentions of events, the duration of the event, etc. The context is very important to the meaning of the received data. Especially if the data is historical.

Remember that documents are not just CDAs. The document exchange environment can share FHIR documents.

Access requests to share documents (HIE)
In the case of a document exchange (XDS, XCA), the API allows the application to retrieve a specific patient and all the documents available to that patient. IHE profiles are defined only as PDQm and MHD. You only need to specify parts of parts that will run correctly. These parts are defined separately in profiles to select them individually.

HIE is implementing the PDQm resource representative. This representative has an API that can take the patient record using a set of query parameters. There is no particular charm in the IHE PDQm profile, it’s just a FHIR patient. As an IHE profile, the capacity is only recognized as an IQE PDQm provider. The only other profile representative is the IQE PDQm Consumer that the application will be used for search.

The MHD profile should be accessed in a similar way. In this case, the MHD IHD profile contains four representatives, of which only two are required for polling / reading. The other two are used for implementation.

The documentary document representative is the application where the request is executed, and the document response is the representative that implements HIE. This reflects query / recovery on the side of XDS and XCA. Therefore, both specifications work with an HDDS based XDS based on HIE or Community Exchange.

Another simplified step of the Documentbeantworter is made if he / she knows that the Submission Sets / Document manifesto is not very useful for the performance of the stub “Document Search Manifesto [ITI-66],” always returns an empty package . This is not a recommendation on the IHE MHD profile, but it is a fact that null results are the correct answer, if there is no Submission Sets / Document manifesto. An application that uses the transaction “Document search document [ITI-66]” has no results. Most likely, no realistic applications are looking for SubmissionSets / DocumentManifests. This does not mean they are not useful, but in very specific and complex situations.

This type of situation can be found in the XCA environment, whereas all communities are XDS communities. This can also happen if the API is represented by EHR or PHR or other data source. The only time SubmissionSets / DocumentM

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