HIE Future is bright – single connection to hub

The next element in HIE Future is Clear. It is a point-to-point communication with a lot of points on a central connection. This change is purely administrative, but still important. I remember again that I did not attend the WISHIN meeting. So I do not know what they said. I think, but I think it’s limited. I welcome comments and all the details about what your move means.

I think this is an additional statement about what WISHIN will do to help other organizations communicate. Existing organizations have contacts and probably will not get anything by limiting 3 interfaces to an interface. You’ll notice that the health organization continues the interface for 3 interfaces, which significantly reduces the workload.
Three networks you like
I chose the number three because the number of services is large, but many services. The following may be identical in many areas (eg HIEs):

Secure Instant Messaging: Addresses can be delivered directly to the desired maximum as part of your Direct Trust and Classroom teacher.
Wisconsin Network: Connecting Wisconsin sites with WISHIN. Keep patient’s privacy.
The level of entry for health eHealth.
Wisconsin directory
Wisconsin has a large number of patient records
Public health reports
Hospital visit report
Access the portal provider access.
Beyond Wisconsin
On the sliding platform they also saw other national stock exchanges:

CareQuality – a new way of electronic exchange. He is responsible for the project of Sequoia. Both IHE uses XCPD standards as XCA.
CommonWell – EHR Seller Consortium. It is commonly used in ICA and XCA standards, but there are different forms of patient identification, referred to as a “registry service location,” based on the continued feeding of MPI by feeding ADL HL7 .
Epic CareEverywhere: an epic maintenance network, especially for Epic customers. The XCA is also based, but there are many developments in CareQuality.
Unfortunately, the end for me is not on the chipset. They have discovered a desire to connect to additional networks, so Wisconsin does not require the organization. It is logical and therefore the XCA is based on many interrelated communities and societies.

He also pointed out that efforts have been made to incorporate the capacity of these three networks. These networks are likely to remain independent, but will automatically connect without any problems. Enable the concept of the XCA community.
postal service
There is a signal on the chip indicating that another operator wants to connect to WISHIN.
Access to WISHIN motivation will be a reality in Q1-2018.

Base Standard (XCA) is compatible with many of the most vulnerable types of access to confirm the purpose of PurposeOfUse. For most HIE online traffic today, PurposeOf is used for the purpose of “treatment”. When service providers arrive, we get “coverage issues” or “payment issues.” This ability can extend to standards to support different purposes of clinical research.

A very simple person from Fhir … but are you working hard to add MHD and QEDm as an API?
There are always some ways to eliminate unnecessary complexity.

If you have other ideas about what an individual call center means, comment on it.

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