HIE future is Bright — Notification and Alerting

The Wishin conference in this discussion is interested in me more. I can interrupt. In the title given on my back, I thought a mechanism to inform the patient when using their data. The principle of privacy is really important. But I think it was developed for this very interesting application by early Wisconsin HIE, before he started paying the last decade.

Wisconsin, I understand, has a network of major hospitals in the southwest (Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha). It’s new to Obama. That’s new in HITSP. I think that’s about ninety to ninety. The network was created to help detect malignant patients going to different areas of the emergency department in an attempt to send the drug. Build the network in the emergency room to see and stop these patterns. Two benefits: parents reduce a little effort, reduce drug use, but the biggest advantage is that the drugs are not returned, so these hospital systems lose money. Then follow the money …

Wishin started in 2009 and benefited from this network. Considering the show presented at the conference, this concept seems to be widely used. Not only that, but found that this type of system may be useful for other administrative matters.

I have no story to further explain this “future.” Activity Report Report Patients report I see enough to understand, “added value”, why they work and why the selling point for the Wishin service. This means that HIE is very useful, but it costs money to build, operate, manage and support. These funds should come from one place, so this is a common discussion within the HIE institutions how to create value, which can provide income to support the network.

The potential for a patient care link is to inform the caregivers if their patients receive treatment elsewhere. It looks like it was built. This is a basic feature of the network query model as an XCA. I think a stronger mechanism should be developed, as it is compatible with Careplan and CareTeams, the latest improvements to Wishin’s list.

It would be better if the HIE networks had no cost, but the fact is they cost a little, and thus support.

If you have another idea, please comment.

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