Future of HIE is bright

Wisconsin and HIE (WISHIN) performed at the summit last week. I register but it can not be done because of scheduling scheduling. The bottom of the slides was in place and I was so sad that I missed them. The following verse clearly demonstrates the leadership of Wisconsin

It is an exciting point of view of what HIE offers today, where it is focused on future help.

Other slot covers are described in this plan. This is determined by the bid amount, not just the volume. They have a part that focuses on the coordination of attention as the engine of these changes.

They also have a comparison between HIEs across the country, it’s hard to collide over the slide, because there are some current details. It seems Wisconsin is certainly standing out for comparison. Focus on CareEverywhere (epic solution) and present the WISHIN as a solution. All of this should be expected, but it does not make sense to use the rating elsewhere.

I also found interesting slideshows. I do not have much to compare, so I do not know how good or bad or careless. I think HIE statistics are strong and really healthy. Broadly distributed, with excellent participation. But I’m proud of Wisconsin. In addition, I should point out that I am in the Technical Advisory Committee for the first few years. I think I’m still running, but I have not heard any meetings for this committee for a long time.

Remember that you are not ignoring the FHIR, and I suspect that you will participate in some of these skills in the future. I think he is likely to be involved with practices beyond this future.

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