Clarification of Affinity Domains

  • I work with XDS.b and XCA files for a few years, but I’m not an expert. I did not understand the scope of the scene. Can someone give an explanation for the scene?

    Affinity domain XDS
    The affinity region is the most relevant “XDS affinity region”. Terms for XDS. It does not apply to XCA, since XCA uses the term “community” in a similar but broader format.

    XDS convergence area – derived from the word “affinity”. Which of these meanings? This is from the definition of “convergence” of Merriam-Webster.

    A strong compassion for the community of interests:
    The attraction or the taste for something.
    People with dark connections – Mark Twain
    Pork and fennel have a natural connection – Abby almond
    An attraction between ingredients or particles that causes them to enter and remain in a chemical composition.
    A special man of the opposite sex has a special charm for everyone
    In the IHE glossary

    A team of health facilities agrees to work together, using standard rules with common warehouses and enrollment infrastructure.
    This is essentially a term we use with XDS to include all players, systems, technologies, policies, actions, people and ethers. A set of XAD metadata symbols applied to the record. A range of document types accepted by the affinity field. Obtain a consent enforcement agreement, including authorization, access control of functionality, broken glass.

    See Section 10.4.8 of Volume 1, “XDS Convergence Concept”.

    The convergence XDS is a management structure that consists of a complete set of set of document source elements, a set of document repositories, and a group of consumer documents, which are organized around a document recorder around the board please release the clinical documents.

    Note: Document sources, repositories, and buyers can own multiple domains for XDS Affinity and share the same documents or other documents. This is an implementation strategy and will not be reflected in more detail.

    Note: The XDS profile does not directly support the XDS affinity domain federation. However, the Community Access Profile (XCA) manages the collaboration of many document enrollment representatives that deploy multiple affinity XDS domains.

    In the context of the XDS scene, many rules should be developed to ensure effective interoperability between document sources and consumers. Some of the key technical guidelines (a wider list of policy measures, which should be taken through XDS Affinity domains at ITI TF-1: Appendix L)

    1. Formats of documents to be accepted for registration.

    2. A set of different values ​​and charts used to provide metadata for documents, registration applications, and registration folders.

    3. The Patient Identification (Assignment Body) field used for document registration.

    See ITI TF-1: Appendix K for a detailed discussion of the concepts of the affinity XDS area.

    XDS domain planning guide is important.

    Community xca
    The difference between XDS Affinity Domains and the XCA community is that IHE does not have much to say about community needs. There are cases where the forum has a place for XDS affinity, but the XCA allows many other forms of society. The common social variant is a huge hospital system (like VA, where I work today). In these cases, the community only understands that things are behind the doors of the XCA. There is no justification for code verification by register, no mandate for ATNA use, no mandate for CT usage, etc. There is no specific way to create registry entries. There are no requirements to support folders, links and extensions.

    The added difference is that society can accommodate other communities. IHE is silent. This tranquility was motivated by the desire to have experience with related communities, community leaders, proxy communities, and so on. We have an interest in solving this problem, and I want to promote a new working element.

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