Consent to deny Sharing for Treatment and Emergency Break-Glass

We have discussed in recent years that Australia agrees to privacy when it does not allow the crystals. We understand that it has changed to allow broken glass. Therefore, we do not know which case the glass break approval was avoided … Utah HIE informed that a permit check box was used to prevent glass damage. It is only approved by HIE, not in a hospital, but it relates to the approval of our FHIR (and CDA approval). I think it is useful that we present it as an example and work by how to express it.
The Utah approval model is

Note that this URL may be used as a URI policy as part of FHIR approval. This is a generic form where the patient has several check boxes to choose from.

Then we have an example that prohibits treatment but allows the Break Glass program (required orthographic change)

We are likely to create an example that avoids both treatment and emergency (break-glass). Something like:

<Authorization xmlns = “”> <ID value = “Example of Disagree” />
<State value = “Created” />
<div xmlns = “”>
<p> Allowing maintenance for emergency treatment and treatment </ p> <p>
The patient & quot; b. Van de Hoopel “does not want any standard data for treatment or emergency treatment.
Comprehensive Approval Guide, except
How to decline and how. Use & quot; Treatment & quot; use and share
How to decline and how. Use & quot; ETREAT & quot; sharing
In “Infoway” hurry up. </ P>
</ div>
</ Text>
<State value = “active” />
<value value = “” />
<Code value = “57016-8” />
<display value = “Document policy discovery” />
</ Encoding>
</ Cs>
<Reference value = “Patient / f001” />
<display value = “P. van de Heuvel” />
</ Patient>
<dateTime value = “2017-05-08” />
<! – Non-existing time frame – Permission period ->
<! – I think the example is Canada in Infoway? I think it’s desirable to say it to the element of Consent.authority ->
<reference value = “Organization / Infoway” />
<Display value = “Canada Infoway” />
</ Organization>
<! – Terms of the lawyer’s approval text speaks ->
<Source attachment>
<title value = “Terms of attorney attorney speak”. />
<! – Possible to use standard text URL ->
</ sourceAttachment>
<! – This is opt out, for example, no approval unless stated. ->
<policyRule value = “” />
<! – This policy is versatile. The patient declares refusal to treatment and avoids emergencies.
<In addition>
<type value = “reject” />
<value value = “” />
<code value = “TREAT” />
</ Goal>
</ Except>
<In addition>
<type value = “reject” />
<value value = “” />
<code value = “ETREAT” />
</ Goal>
</ Except>
</ Approval>

I request a change request for FHIR 13420

Other privacy questions

It is a good example to make this more clear by selecting this Consent.category Privacy Approval.

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